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Cooperative Capital Fund

The Cooperative Capital Fund of New England (CCF) is a socially responsible investment fund that invests in cooperative businesses in the form of "patient capital,” or equity-like financing. CCF assists the New England cooperative industry to grow and flourish by providing capital that acts like equity without requiring coops to give up control over their own management and destiny, as traditional venture capital might.

CCF is currently inactive.


CCF supports new and existing, cooperative and democratically owned and controlled enterprises, with preference to those that serve low-income communities. CCF shall accomplish its mission through:

•     the provision of equity-like capital at reasonable rates and terms, with respect for the democratic owners and managers of the enterprise;

•    the development of an investment opportunity that promotes cooperative enterprise;

•    the creation of a mechanism through which cooperatives can invest in the development and expansion of cooperative business in our region; and

•    the creation of an opportunity to Invest for “social return” in addition to economic return

It is the intent of CCF to build a more just economic system by:

•    creating the possibility for systemic change  that lifts people out of poverty;

•    opening up conventional capital markets for cooperative businesses previously left out; and

•    supporting and sustaining cooperative businesses that provide environmental, economic  and social benefit.


The central goals of CCF’s initial fund are as follows:

•    To catalyze and deepen the core mission of CFNE by providing much-needed and currently unavailable capital to new and existing cooperative businesses in New England;

•    To create a replicable model that can be learned from and repeated in-house as well as applied in other geographic regions and eventually on a national scale;

•    To cultivate continued cross-communication, cross-investment and activism within the Cooperative community;

•    To provide cooperatives, and other socially responsible investors with the opportunity to earn fixed-rate financial returns while making direct investments in cooperative businesses, and help realize the development and expansion of a cooperative economy; and

•    To increase the exposure of CFNE and cooperative businesses within the financial, charitable and cooperative communities, attracting further investments and grants.



•    Investments in the fund come from the coop community and from socially responsible individuals, faith-based and institutional investors, and earn 5% interest annually.

•    To meet the capital needs of coops CCF makes investments in $10,000 to $150,000 in the form of preferred stock, subordinated notes or similar instruments and provide a likely exit for the fund in 5 to 8 years.  The cost of funds to the coop is significantly less than traditional venture capital and more than collateralized debt.  These funds will have the ability to leverage additional debt for the coops.

•    The fund is be a separate organization affiliated with CFNE.

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