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CFNE Products

CFNE offers a range of loan products for cooperatives, nonprofits serving basic human needs, employee owned businesses, and co-housing developments and community land trusts.

Acceptable Uses

  • working capital,
  • inventory purchase,
  • business expansion,
  • plant & equipment,
  • cash flow needs,
  • property acquisition,
  • site development and home improvement/rehab.

Amounts:      $1,000 - $1,000,000

Loan:             Secured Loan, Promissory Note

Term:            Negotiable – generally 5-7 years

Rate:             Negotiable – average is 5-7%

In certain situations we will provide a loan larger than the available collateral of the borrower.

We also have products designed for members of cooperatives, including Member Ownership loans, Member Education loans, and Member Participation loans.

  • Member Ownership loans finance member equity purchases in a cooperative.
  • Member Education loans finance a co-op to enroll members in cooperative-related higher education programs.
  • Member Participation loans enable co-op members to assist in their co-op's development by lending money to CFNE that is restricted for a loan to their co-op or for securing a loan from CFNE. This product originally was designed to meet an identified need from several New England co-ops with out-of-state members who wanted to invest in their co-op but were deterred due to securities regulations. The product is an excellent means of leveraging private funds from co-op members back into their local cooperative economy.