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History and Mission

CFNE’s Mission

We work for economic, social, and racial justice by advancing community based, cooperative, and democratically owned or managed enterprises with a preference to assisting cooperatives in low-income communities by:

  • Providing financial products at reasonable rates
  • Developing business skills
  • Offering an investment opportunity that promotes socially conscious enterprise

Read our full Racial Equity Statement

Brief CFNE History

What began in 1975 by a group of idealistic young cooperative organizers, an accountant, and a couple of enlightened investors has become a highly respected community development loan fund that enjoys the support of dozens of investors and donors, both individual and institutional.

Since inception, CFNE has raised over $49M in loans, over 840 loans, more than 11,200 jobs and more than 5,600 units of housing units. These loans have recycle millions of dollars in the region’s economy. Our borrowers have shown themselves to be so responsible that no investor has lost any money.

We can only share a little of the wealth of stories we have accumulated since 1975. They attest to the intelligence, compassion, and determination of the region’s people, and they illustrate what we can accomplish, working together in cooperation.


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