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CFNE Materials (Some are ideal when printed and folded)

Basic CFNE Brochure (download)

CFNE Borrower and Investor Profiles

CFNE's Latest Annual Report (2015) (download)

CFNE's Latest Newsletter Winter 2016 

CFNE's prospectus

Healthy Food Access Materials

Map of CFNE Borrowers and Co-op Investors

Worker Cooperatives in New England brochure, a partial listing (download)

Your Community Food Co-ops brochure, a partial listing (download)

For a complete list of CFNE annual reports, click here.



Articles about CFNE

The Cooperative Fund of New England, Grassroots Economic Organizing. 2013

SBA Recognizes Worker Cooperatives as Small Businesses Grassroots Economic Organizing. 2012

CFNE and the Cooperative Response to Economic Crisis, Green Money Journal. 2012

Funding New England's Co-operative Movement, Communities & Banking. Fall 2008

Retail Co-op: Maine Islanders Band Together to Preserve a Way of Life Summer 2015




2012 International Year of Cooperatives (IYC)

CFNE's IYC Resolution (download)

International IYC Site

United Nation's IYC Site

United States IYC Site



New England Co-op Networks

Boston Collective House Assembly

Cooperative Maine

Neighboring Food Co-op Association

Valley Alliance of Worker Co-ops

Valley Cooperative Business Association

Worker Owned and Run Cooperative Network of Greater Boston (WORC'N)



Larger Co-op Networks

International Cooperative Alliance

National Cooperative Business Association

National Cooperative Grocers Association

National Cooperative Housing Association

North American Students of Cooperation

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives



Other Co-op Finance Sources

Cooperative Development Foundation


Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund

The Cooperative Foundation

Financing Cooperative Conversions FAQ and Case Studies



Co-op News and Information Sources

American Worker Cooperative Blog

Co-op Grocers Information Network

A Directory of the Cooperative and Solidarity Economy of North America

Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter

USDA Cooperative Resources

How a worker-co-op structured as an LLC can retain earnings

How does a co-op structured as an LLC affect members' individual taxes?

Legal Guide for Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts



Interesting Co-op Development Guides

American Worker Cooperative list of Worker Co-op Start-up Guides

CDI Complete Co-op Start-up Kit (download)

Food Co-op Start-up Toolkit

Ohio Employee Ownership Center Guide to Co-op Conversions (download)

Small Business Administration’s Page on Incorporating a Co-op

A Technology Freelancer's Guide to Starting a Worker Co-op

Worker Cooperatives and Patronage Dividends (for accountants)

Cooperative Farming Greenhorns Guidebook

Growing a Food System for the Future: A Manuel for Cooperative Enterprise Development

Project Equity Case Studies of Business Conversions to Worker Cooperatives 2015

Successful Cooperative Ownership Transitions:Case studyreport by Democracy at Work Institute

Your Study Guide to the Cooperative Movement from TESA


Co-op Education Opportunities

American Worker Cooperative list of Co-op related curricula

St. Mary's University Masters of Management - Cooperatives and Credit Unions

University of Massachusetts Cooperative Enterprise Collaborative



Community Development Finance

Green America's Community Investment Guide (download)

Opportunity Finance Network

The Lending Opportunity of a Generation:FAQ's and Case Studies for Investing in Worker Co-op Conversions

Investment Policy Samples from Co-ops