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Belfast Food Cooperative
Maine's largest retail food co-op; loan for store renovations and for working capital.
Bethlehem Children's School
A cooperative primary school; loan for purchase and renovation of a building for school expansion.
Broad Park Community Development Corporation
A nonprofit housing developer serving the Hispanic community; loan for working capital and predevelopment funds.
Burlington Cohousing
A cohousing project in formation; loan for acquisition and predevelopment costs.
Cantine's Island
A cohousing project in development; loan for "common house" construction.
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A worker owned solar company providing sales and installation in New Hampshire and Vermont.
Cleanscape, Inc.
A worker owned medical paper recycler created by South Providence Community Development Corp.; loan for start up funding and equipment purchases.
Collective Voice
An employee-owned fundraising contractor; loan for start-up costs.
A nonprofit childcare provider; loan to purchase property for expansion.
Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern Massachusetts
A nonprofit resource center that assists the poor and working residents in its area; loan for working capital.
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